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AnySquared is an all-volunteer collaborative and artistic network. Propelled by a deep sense of cooperation with artists, neighbors and the wider community, our mission is to support, produce and promote collaborative projects that facilitate arts activities through inclusive participation. Our foundation is built upon the idea that we can do anything as long as we do it together. | projects(at)

Since 2010, AnySquared has
hosted a weekly artmaking
Studio Day sessions as the
anchor for our regular activities.
It is a also great place to
propose projects. All are
welcome to make & meet.

At 21 minutes, AnySquared is
featured in this La Mezcladora
episode, along with other arts
spaces and artists, about art in
Chicago. This Arts & Culture
Television Show is from Mexico
City and visited AnySquared
weekly Studio D
ay in 2015.



Video promo by filmmaker
Nando Espinosa for the
Hearts & Minds exhibit
interviewing artists
from the 2015 exhibition
AnySquared's produced
with Ne2 member
Brian Herrara/Attitude 7