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AnySquared is an all-volunteer collaborative and artistic network headquartered in Logan Square's AnyWhere Space in Chicago. Propelled by a deep sense of cooperation with artists, neighbors and the wider community, our mission is to support, produce and promote collaborative projects that facilitate arts activities through inclusive participation. Our foundation is built upon the idea that we can do anything as long as we do ourselves and do it together. | contact

2014 residency


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 Ne2 Exhibits

• 2014Sept–Nov: Residency at Hairpin
• 2014 June–Oct: SALVAGE Exhibit
• Art@Coles/Art@Handlebar Seres
2014 Feb: Gif This
• 2013 March: PPPM Exhibit

• 2013 Feb: Fugue Space Exhibit
• 2011 Satellite New Media Exhibition
• 2010 LIP (life in progress) art series

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Ne2 Community-Wide Arts Events

• 2014 AnySquared's Residency
• 2013 Cinema Minima Residency
• 2013 Ready-Set-Go Art! Event

• 2012 SQUARED! Art+Community
• 2011 Art. Swap. Meet. #1
• 2011 Scrabble Showdown
• 2011 Share the Square
• 2011 Art Catalog by AnySquared
• 2008-10 LS Holiday Art Sale

Ne2 Co-Founders
Tracy Kostenbader
Brett Swinney

AnySquared Studio Day
Every Wednesday from 3pm to 8pm

AnyWhere Space, 2328 N. Milwaukee in Chicago

A space to experiment, AnySquared Studio Day is a weekly open artmaking studio. While many are visual artists, all art forms encouraged and welcome! Bring your own supplies, but supplies available. Bring a project, bring ideas, brainstorm! Some days are a couple people, some days a crowd.

NE2 Weekly Studio Day
NE2 Studio Day on facebook

AnySquared organizes ongoing exhibitions for the Art@Cole's and Art@Handlebar regular art series and also curates occasional exhibits at local venues and spaces including Township, New Wave, Revolution Brew, etc. as well as storefront pop-up exhibitions.

AnySquared regularly seeks artists and proposals for future for exhibitions of featured artists, curated and/ or group exhibitions throughout the year at various venues.

Press: LoganSquarist | The Nothwest Passage
Art@Cole's and Art@Handlebar regular art series | facebook | archive 1–14
Art@Cole's openings: photos on facebook | 1 photos | 2 photos

Cinema Minima Chicago
Film & Video Series

Cole's, 2338 N. Milwaukee

Cinema Minima explores a menagerie of themes, ideas and experiences through film/video. AnySquared organizes this ongoing series and invites film suggestions and invites individuals or groups to curate a night of films or a regular series 3-4 times a year.

Cinema Minima on facebook
Press: Article about Cinema Minima program featuring curator, Joseph Strand

Cinema Minima Residency 2013
• Winning Essays
• Best-in-Show Video

AnySquared Projects organized, executed, curated, produced and created the 2012 SQUARED! Art+Community art walk.

Squared! was a celebration of what happens when a community defines itself by the people who live and work together, rather than by wards and neighborhood names. Squared! featured 130+ artists in a collection of exhibits, open studios, installations, videos, murals, activities, music + more created by and for our community.

SQUARED! Art+Community

Look for the return of
SQUARED! in the future!

• Photos from the 2012 event!
• descriptions | exhibits, open studios, and activities
• participating artists
• map/schedule (pdf)

2011 Exhibition Catalog
produced by AnySquared Printing Generously Donated to AnySquared by Mission Press

By the end of the 2011, because the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival (and its owners) did not reflect our values and goals, AnySquared pulled our participation as key organizers of the visual art part of the fest. We do not support the current vision, current format, or the current owners of the festival since our exodus.

AnySquared members do take ownership of the work we accomplished with independent artists, curators, and volunteers for the 2009/2010/2011 festivals. Our all-unpaid crew put our hearts and souls and thousands of hours of labor/sweat equity into the (previously) community-wide ARTS fest, where "visual art" and the community were the biggest part of the festival.

Many of the amazing things we accomplished (along with our fellow artists and community members) the current "owners" the festival have taken credit for, while at the same time, dismantling that part of the festival we held dear.

2011 | AnySquared Projects organized, executed, curated, produced, built and created the 2011 Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival's 30 galleries and visual art offerings, as well as coordinated a community mural painted by Artistic Bombing Crew (ABC) that was unveiled at the fest. Exhibition Catalog produced by AnySquared (pdf).

In preparation for the 2011 festival, AnySquared Projects organized three excellent benefit events to raise funds specifically for the art galleries and activities. Events included the ART. SWAP. MEET., the Scrabble Showdown, and Share the Square: An Art Preview Benefit.

2010 | AnySquared coordinated and created the MAAF South End Galleries & the Limit Community Mural on Medill as well as organized the 2010 Sneak Preview Art Benefit to support the galleries at Logan Square Kitchen.

2009 | Founders of AnySquared were key organizers and creators of the 2009 MAAF Art Galleries (before the current owners of the festival) as well as designed the logo and festval map.

maaf 2009–2011

AnySquared Members' efforts from 2009–2011 producing the visual art part of the festival earned the 2012 Chicago Reader's Best Public Art Event.

2011 Exhibition Catalog (pdf)
produced by AnySquared


Scrabble Showdown
Event photos flickr
Event photos fb

Share the Square

• Article about Satellite exhibition

• Satellite exhibition at 2011 MAAF
(curated by AnySquared Members)

• 2010 MAAF photos on flickr

2010 | AnySquared organized the LIP (Life in Progress), an October 2010 art series that included 2 curated group exhibitions that featured about 35 artists, a short film/video event that highlighted 10 independant filmmakers, and a participatory public art studio day. LIP was one of 12 selected featured programs highlighted out of 100s during Chicago Artists Month 2010

LIP (Life in Progress)
Chicago Artists Month 2010.

AnyPlace Opening photos on flickr
Unfinished Opening photos on facebook
NE2's Installation photos on facebook

2010 | AnySquared ended a busy year with the Logan Square Holiday Art Sale & Winter Celebration. We invited our neighbors to create a 2 block art event: an art sale that showcased over 25 artists, exhibits at Hairitics and Revolution Brewing, window installations at Logan Square Kitchen and Threads Etc, open studios at Sulzen Fine Art Studio and AntiMatter, and crafts at Cafe Mustache!

2008–2009 | Founders of AnySquared also organized 2008 and 2009 Holiday Art Sales in the Logan Square neighborhood making 2010 the third year!

2010 LS Holiday Art Sale
LS Holiday Art Sale photos on flickr

email | projects(at)anysquared.com


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NE2 Weekly Studio Day
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Scrabble Showdown
Share the Square
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Ne2 Crew Past & Present <3!
Tracy Kostenbader
Brett Swinney
Jenn Grossman
Maria Hummel
Laura Kurtenbach
Iris Pasic Pasic
Julia Rochholz
Ryan Scheidt

Joseph Strand

and occasionally...
Rachel Katzman Farr

Friends | Collaborators
Artistic Bombing Crew
SulzenZamudio (Sulzen Fine Arts Studio)
Jane Michalski
Lucy Mueller

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Art@Cole's archive 1–14

Art@Cole's openings:
photos on facebook | 1 photos | 2 photos

photos on facebook
AnyPlace Opening photos on flickr
Unfinished Opening photos on facebook
NE2's Installation photos on facebook
LS Holiday Art Sale photos on flickr