above: still by Joy Whalen

AnySquared and Lake Paradise present
Post Post Post Modernism

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Exhibit Opening Party
Friday March 15 from 6pm to 10pm
Lake Paradise, 600 N Albany | Chicago

Whitney Allen

Zachary Hart Baker
Russ Calderwood
Wesley Crusher
Angela Davis Fegan
Antonia Gustaitis

Jenn Grossman

Hannah Harris

Melanie Kasten

Tracy Kostenbader

Matthew John Mcwilliams

Tom Owens

Erin Schiller

Ryan Sullivan
Brett Swinney

David Uthus

Alia Walston
Joy Whalen

The opening event showcases new works created for the multi-media exhibit and features live music performances by Tholian Web and Roland Potions.

Additional Viewing Hours by
Appointment Through March

Post Post Post Modernism: Based on the wealth of instant wisdom provided the web, along with endless accessibility to factoids and followers, self-perception has become distorted. We pour our hopes, our dreams, our super-egos into digital receptacles that overflow with anxiety and paranoia. Post Post Post Modernism is a response to the overwhelming sense of hyper-awareness that is nurtured by hyper-media. By reaffirming the meaning of production over the means of production, PPPM hopes to realign the sense of self with a sense of purpose.

The Post Post Post Modernism artists were challenged to produce new work outside their usual practice in an effort to breakaway from habits influenced by hyper-media, and, in addition, they were also encouraged to have fun outside their own boxes. The PPPM exhibit displays the multi-media results from each artists' experiments

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Lake Paradise is a DIY space housing three record labels that also functions as an art and music venue.