Art at Cole's is a regular art series
showcasing local artists on the
walls of Cole's Bar in Logan Square

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Cole's Bar
, 2338 N Milwaukee, Chicago
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Art at Cole's is an AnySquared Project

Call for Artists"
Photos from openings: FB & flickr

Archive of Exhibitions (blog)

Art at Cole's #1: Group Show featuring 24 eclectic artists and 40 diverse works (March 14–April 24, 2010)
Group Show April 5th 2010 Reception photos

Art at Cole's #2: The Light Years with Justus and Andre (April 25–May 29, 2010)
The Light Years with Justus & Andre May 17th Reception photos

Art at Cole's #3: *StarSisters* featuring Iris Iris Pasic, Julia Rochholz and Mendy Newman (June 7–July 5 , 2010)
*StarSisters* June 15 Reception Photos

Art at Cole's #4: Gutter, a South End featured exhibition for the 2010 Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival. Curated by Cheri Basak, Anne-Katrin Elliot, and Rebekah Brown (July 17—August 21, 2010)

Art at Cole's #5: Old Stuff: An Exhibition of Old Works by Tracy Kostenbader (August 22—September 3, 2010)

Art at Cole's #6: FRESKO: An Exhibition to Benefit Haitian Artists (September 4—October 9, 2010)
Features paintings by Jean Marie Charles, Rose Marie Lamour and Prince Luc

FRESKO, September 13 Reception Photos

Art at Cole's #7: AnyPlace: Part of LIP (Life in Progress), an Art Series Examing ideas of "progress." LIP was selected to be one of 12 Featured Program Series highlighted for Chicago Artists Month (October 17—November 7, 2010)
AnyPlace Exhibition Opening Photos and Benefit For Artist Larry Green

Art at Cole's #8: *QUirk* an exhibition highlighting the offbeat, the funny, and the grotesquely twisted work of Nicole Syrquin, Jeff Strong, Katina Petsas and Gabe Patti.(On Display November 15 — December 31, 2010)

Art at Cole's #9: Paintings By MacKenzie Stonis (On Display January 2 — February 19, 2011)

Art at Cole's #10: Works by Matt Hilker and Emilie Bouvet-Boisclair (On Display February 20 — April 10, 2011)
Photos from Matt Hilker and Emilie Bouvet-Boiclair opening on March 6, 2011

Art at Cole's #11: Works by Melanie Kasten & Scott Pandel (On Display April 12 — May 29, 2011)

Art at Cole's #12: Works by Matthew Bremer for the Milwaukee Ave Arts Fest (On Display July 23— September 4, 2011)

Art at Cole's #13: Works by Angela Davis Fegan (On Display September 14— October 31, 2011)

Art @ Cole's is an AnySquared Project. Also check out Cinema Minima.

Call for Artists
Art at Cole's is seeking artists' and group show proposals for future shows.

Interested individual artists:
Email (Art at Cole’s" in subject) and include:

1) name
2) medium
3) email and/or website
4) phone number
5) a one sentence description
6 ) attach 3 jpg images of your work.

Interested curators or art group:
Curated or group exhibition proposals will also be considered.
Email proposal and suggested dates to

Art @ Cole's is an AnySquared Project. Also check out Cinema Minima.
Cole's Bar, 2338 N Milwaukee, Chicago, Illinois


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