Hearts & Minds Show

An Attitude 7 / AnySquared Production
Collaborative Works by 25 Artists
Hairpin Arts Center / 2810 N Milwaukee / Chicago

The Hearts & Minds project features 47 original works made specifically for exhibit and for street display by 25 artists in collaboration with Attitude 7. The exhibit at the arts center showcases 25 original pieces by each artist. The other 22 collaborative works are street pieces that have been installed in locations throughout the city of Chicago over the last 4 months. The exhibit will include photographs documenting the street pieces along with the gallery pieces.

Exhibiting Artists
Tracy Kostenbader / Peaceflow / Lucky Gnome /
/ Amie Sell / Nando Espinosa / Jorge Felix /
Flash ABC
/ The Chup / Fedz / Müse / Jose Valdovinos /
ABC Kills
/ Radah / Amara Betty Martin / Xeno Martinez /
Emmanuel L White Eagle (Cyberphunkk) / Teresa Magaña /
/ Diana Solis / George Larson / Cesar Moyorido /
Ashley Antunez / Bunny Xlv / Tararchy / Pablo Ramirez
In collaboration with Attitude 7


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More About the Exhibit (pdf)
Programming Flier | Programming Postcard
Opening Poster | Opening Fliers
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On Display November 13–28
Gallery Hours 2pm to 5pm on these days:
Saturday November 14, Sunday November 15,
and Saturday November 28
Additional hours by appointment.


Hearts & Minds Opening Party
Friday November 13
6pm to 10:30pm
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Help us celebrate the exhibit! Meet the artists.
Enjoy sounds by David Itzi Nallah from CumbiaSazo.
Participate in creating new art pieces at the event.
Facebook album of opening party.


Event Schedule

Final Gallery Hours
Saturday November 28
| 2pm to 5pm
Additional hours by appointment.
Email projects (at) anysquared.com

Thanks to everyone who made all of our
Hearts & Minds events amazing
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Look for details about the final cut of the Hearts & Minds Documentary here and through social media.

Hearts & Minds Documentary
by Nando Espinosa

Screening | Friday November 20 | 8pm to 9:30pm
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Join us for a screening of the rough-cut documentary featuring exhibiting artists. The hearts and minds of the eponymous exhibition share some insight on their involvement on the project, their views about art and the eager persona known as Attitude 7. Filmmaker Nando Espinosa is curator of Comfort Film Series, and recently selected as one of NewCity's 2015 "Film 50."


LoudARTS Presents
Hearts & Minds Music & Live Art

Saturday November 21 | 7pm to 10:30pm
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Music / DJ Sounds by Myk Moon / Louie Mendez / Rai
Live Painting / Tattianna Howard, Sylwia Kusiak, Natalia Virafuentes, Brendan Cooney, and Francisco Magos
Food from Don Pepe's Taquizas and Catering.




AnySquared Projects is an all-volunteer collaborative and artistic network headquartered at AnyWhere Space in Chicago. Propelled by a deep sense of cooperation with artists, neighbors and the wider community, AnySquared's mission is to support, produce and promote collaborative projects that facilitate arts activities through inclusive participation. AnySquared's foundation is built upon the idea that we can do anything as long as we do it together.

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Attitude 7 is Brian Herrera's street art moniker that evolved into his current graphic design & artist identity. Attitude 7 is deeply interested in discovering symbolism with the belief that attitude also defines your character. He continues to develop his artistic style through his experiences in the neighborhood, community, and political activism. Attitude 7 is also an AnySquared member among other affiliations.

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LoudARTS is a Logan Square arts collective exposing Chicago’s creative minds. They host and curate events, creating an eclectic environment where visual artists and musicians can freely express themselves, connect, collaborate, and grow as a community.

Hairpin Arts Center is located on the border of the Avondale and Logan Square neighborhoods in Chicago and offers arts and cultural programming year-round.